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The Revolution:

Missing The Boat:

John Verse:

Fantasize, use imagination
Key to salvation is the deflation of ego
I am nothing
I feel the future coming
It’s right around the corner
But I ain’t duckin it like Deniro
I’ma face it like I oughtta
Cuz I’m born to be doin music
Smokin buddha big producer
Crickets to the rooster
In the lab I drop manure
‘Course I’m hearing cackers
actin like they know it all
But they don’t know what I’m sitting on
and now its time to show it off
Imagine what would happen if I never did
Had a kid, got a job, settled down for a local chick
I’d be spending my forever just regrettin what I
Coulda, woulda, shoulda, never did it, never gonna

Ryan Chorus:

Follow me, Follow me, Follow me
Down the back road

I got, I got, I got
No dollar bill ya’ll

But I got a song in my heart and it gets me through the day…
Until I make my dreams my reality

Ryan Verse:

Here’s a man, middle age,  getting divorced
His kids are in college and hardly call him anymore
So he sits in the kitchen fixing a TV dinner
Surrounded by boxes, in his boxers, sipping scotch in the darkness

Yes, you best bet he’s depressed
Thought he had it all, then his ex took half
Since the recession he gets no recognition
See there’s no commission for commitment
If no money’s coming in your getting cut

Wishing he could go back in time
25 so alive the world was mine
He was afraid to fail, his ship never set sail
Just a shoulda, coulda, woulda
Never did it never gunna

Warren Verse:

So go ahead run away with your head held high
But I can tell from here, your tail is tucked
Tight between your legs trying to cover up the pride you lost
You think you knew it all yeah you thought you knew it all
Said that hind sights a perfect 20/20 vision
But I’m not looking back to make the same mistakes I
Mistook in the first place now I’m laughin in your face
Rip out your pages rip out your pages
Its a natural disaster you’re a natural imposter
A liar, a user, a clown
When the sun goes down
You’ll still be fakin our town

My Island:

Ryan Verse:

Moonlight fills the sky, People on the sidewalk
Come and go like ocean tides

Just take some time to ease your mind
Just take a walk reflect on life

I’m feeling alright, feeling like I’m born
For the first time

Ryan Chorus:

You know we roll up to a party, sipping Gansett and Bacardi
Smoke some Rhody grown, and let the system bump all night long

Welcome to Rhode Island, Streetlights meet the ocean
Here in the land of Hope the whole town’s run
By the Mafiosa, Keeping it real is just how we do here in the 401

Dave Verse:

Try not givin a fuck
Livin in a diamond in the rough
Don’t tell me that youre tough
Close range, so many of us
And we dont get in line with the nonsense
Forget about your conscience
Open up your mind
and see what you can find
On the shoreline, you can see changes overtime
Take it nice and slow
Wanna stay but we’ve got to go

If We Fall:

John Verse:

Feels like magic, we are like magnets
I don’t know whats got me so attracted
But you seemed to have me from the get go
Textin x’s and o’s on my cell phone
But I don’t wanna get caught up in the trap
Cuz honestly I just got back from the love game
And the scar on my face won’t fade
So the pain shows through like a shirt with a blood stain
Be my novacaine, be my everything
Be my car crash, be my hurricane
Be my darkness, til its light again
In my sheets when I sleep til I’m up again
Yeah life isn’t fair thats what they all say
If I could I’d be chillin with you all day
But if it comes to where I can’t console you
Remember that I told you

Ryan Chorus:

If we fall, Promise me that you wont let go
I know, Nothing lasts forever,
So take this kiss remember
To live for the moment

Fall, Promise me that you wont let go
We’ll hit the ground together
Nothing lasts forever, take this kiss remember
Live for the moment

Dave Verse:

Send me an angel thats not afraid
Of a little bit of danger, my island in the sun
We could both be the savior, cus one plus one
Sounds better than what I got up in my agenda
For the night, jeans so tight
Looks like they gone burst at the seams
But it seems so right, captain of the flight
Is what I could be for ya
Keys move with my left hand like a porche
Smooth is the ride when we collide and time devides
So you can pick it out and polish it up
While I dismember the trust, I remember too much
In the beginning its a rush, maybe I didn’t say enough
Maybe I left it wide open, but you can bet
That there’s no net, rock solid at the bottom
When your falls broken

The Revolution:

Ryan Verse:

Fall back, your scene is under attack
I’ve had it with you maggots feeding on it this bite will be your last
Manja, stuck in a pond full of piranhas, Soon we’ll be dolphins in shark infested waters
Causing disorder from border to border, no matador on the planet can stop this bull when it gets frantic
Hit the panic button bitches

I’m sick of this corny shit, quick call up a porta John and dispose of it
Close the lid and forget it even exists

Kids believe in the gimmick, image, dress it, act it, sing it (yeah)
Make a billion dollars do drugs and pop bottles
Fucking models in the pussy and ass until they wobble and bobble

Drop the axe (acts) gotta cut and chop the fat
From the music industry and start from scratch
We’re bringing the realness, the people will feel this
Better believe it when I say it, we got it, and we ain’t stopping till we reach the tippy top

Ryan Chorus:

On and on we fight from dusk till dawn
And we wont stop until the drum beat in our heart drops
Until the last gun shot rings off

Raise the flag, sound the attack it’s the
H to the A to the Z to the E we
The revolution, the revolution, the revolution, the revolution x2
We’re taking back our home, We’re taking back our home,
We’re taking back, We’re taking back, We’re taking back our home

John Verse:

Settle the matter at hand, Comin up with a plan
Doin it for the people, til the understand
Steppin in hear like I know my shit
Nobody else is doin it
Fuckin up everything up on the scene and make it cool again
Been awhile, day is now, baby here we come
Cookin this for years, come and get it, dinners done
Better the recipe from your mother
And you can give the drummer some
I’m the ——-
Scoopin up little pieces pickin a part of every genre
Building a fan base bigger then Mt. Kilamanjaro
Just give the seed, and I can grow it like a farmer
Never the one to sacrifice my talent  for a dollar
Holla, partying like its 2012 hottest cd on the shelf
I’m flipping quarters in the wishing well
Only a matter of time record labels get in line
Try to unravel a complicated paradigm

Dave Verse:

Try an register the length that it would take to measure
How many similar airwaves must be the weather
Thats what I thought but then you cant escape it
The same cack-ass song on two different stations
Its probably the same in a few different nations
Thats why they’re talkin bout gettin paper
Stayin round past my time like the pager
Takin all bets in the place make a wager
Sounds straight outta space feelin weightless
G force shout out to all Darth Vaders who made it
On the other side of the light always battlin hatred
Maybe youre stuck in a matrix praisin false things
That crackle or shine now become sacred
Tobacco is mine pack the trees so natural cant fake this
Timeless classic when we make this


John Verse:

I got Alcohol
Better believe I’m gonna get fucked up
‘N after I get drunk
Better believe I’m rollin a dutch up
Cuz tonight we tearing it off
Tonight we breakin the law
No limit to what I can do I’m takin this roof and lifting it off
So, Fuck the beers go straight to shots
I’ll make sure these speakers knock
Shit, I’m way passed being cocked
‘N I’ve been this way since 3 o’clock
Yeah my fuckin world is spinning
Blurry ass vision man I love this fuckin
Life that I’m living

Ryan Chorus:

At the end of the night
We be rolling deep, got my crew by my side
At the end of the night
We be feeling good, raise your glass to the sky

Ryan Verse:

This song goes out to anyone that’s ever doubted me
Ryan this music shits just not gunna last you don’t fit in with the scene
Fit in with the scene? What do you mean these fucking faggot indy bitches tryin to copy everything they see?

Fuck you, and fuck the scene, fuck anyone that I’ve ever considered a friend in it (in it)
Fuck you again, and here’s another fuck you for your fans
I’m back again, back for the last time, this time I aint holding nothing back on you fags
gunna drag you down to the fuckin underground I’m sick of it

Tryin to be the cool band, everybody’s gunna get along with haze, nah fuck that shit
I want to murder and rape everybody that turned they’re back on haze
I wont forget it, I won’t regret it, everything I said in this verse I fuckin meant it
and when we reach the top, I’ma forget your ass

Dave Verse:

Bitch keep screamin who? Its them haze dudes
Four to the floor actually two will do
Ain’t talkin handstands, we’re big like a warehouse
An ill take it right all the way back to cranstand
Cant stand bein told to sit my ass down
When im fully aware that the cards in my hand
Theyre all aces, get the business done real quick
Brief cases, got the noise in ya ear
Now tell me what the taste is, spicy
You sound so sour, so rotten not ripe
I live work all day, I kill verses at night


Where’d all the feeling go?
Where’d all the talent all the realness all the feeling go?

No Regrets:


throw your resolutions down to the ground
with the lit cigarette you said you’d quit a minute ago
im doing fine living my life just how i want to
and bring these demons all to hell myself
ears ringing my heart started singing
a different tune today the view has changed but im still the same
still waters still run on for miles down
to keep the treasure safe from pirates

retrace your steps reface your fear but all in all its just another year
retrace your steps reface your fear cause all in all its just another year

its all been a blur to me since life came in and
swept me off these feet that ive trusted
i still havent gotten fully adjusted
i just know im so motherfucking lucky i could cry
and all i have to do is try
this life wont wait for me so regret nothing
the past will hold you back so regret nothing
this life wont wait for me so regret nothing

retrace your steps reface your fear but all in all its just another year
retrace your steps reface your fear cause all in all its just another year.

Skywalker (interlude):
Shout out to Robert Nesta, the besta
So you can get up stand up and testa
Fy against all the lies or whatever else in this life
That you despise, see we all got our vices
But who got the strongest grip?
On the nights when you let go an then its twice as
Much of a challenge to find a balance
Hit to the middle of your head with a wooden mallet
Must have a strong pallet, to swallow this noise
Its at times like this realize who’s ya true boys
Down lows, good chicks,
An them kids with the runny flows
I’ve come to terms with the fact that im ill
I ain’t even whipe my runny nose
And fuck puttin in work
Just to mess with them dumby hoes
Use your conscience come on lets go

Keep The Lights Down:

Will Verse:

Sometimes it’s easier to be left out in the dark
Mind set clearer, and things are better from the start
The bright lights blind the youth, from the truth that they might find
But that’s fine by my eyes, draw the blinds and let your mind go
Into the darkness
Letting your conscience rest

Ryan Chorus:

Blinded by the truth, so lie to me and keep the lights down
Some say the truth will set you free, and I agree with that but
Sometimes, white lies, are music to the blind
and I’m just walking in the dark, in my own world, with my own thoughts so…

Keep the Lights Down, Down, Down, Down, Down x4

John Verse:

Like everythin is good, and everythin is cool
Keep the lights down baby we’ll forget the rules
It’s time for gettin loose
It’s why were drinkin beer
To lose the fear of tdoing things that we would never do
Secrets that we keep
Behind the closed doors
It’s up to you to choose if you really want it more
What’s your destiny?
Are you giving in?
Just keep the lights down
I think they’re listening

Satellite Zone:

Dave Verse:

Universally speakin
im headin from here to the edge of sanity
Five times before the weekend, is over
Only three leafs on your clover
Tried to keep the kettle on while the cup runnith over
Ain’t no choice but to settle down
Let ya life get hit by a dozer, right? An I keep myself
so open minded that I never never need closure
Make em remember the name, in it to win it
Step up to the game put ya bid down on it
We’re touchin on the tail of a comet,
satellite zone up too high for some an so they vomit
Instead of bein on it im beyond it
If you cant get down with it then get off it
Don’t listen to me as if you see a false prophet
But I bring this shit straight to you
For reasons other than makin a profit
An if you get a chance to sit up in this boat
Than dont rock it, without permission from the east
Not the Westin, no smithin, shootin for peace
Stayin alive is the mission, always on point
Like Larry bird, new England swag ya I concur
Im a lion I ain’t lyin im the king of the jungle
In case you still wasn’t sure


Lights get turned off, no one home
You thought that I came alone, there’s four more
Opposite of mainstream clones, an it feels cool
In the satellite zone
Nights get burned of, worked to the bone
Bass ass at the spot, looks like its time to roll
Into the satellite zone

Ryan Verse:

I think it’s time that we take a step back, and look at this rat race of faces with no names that
Seem to think they know it all, like they got a call, from a god above that gave them all the answers to the
Who, (who) What, (what) When Where Why, How do I exist, Is there life after this
I know that we’re out of our minds, this whole planet needs a straight jacket on it
If we harness our crazy we could survive

Wake up, and smell the roses, what roses?
They’ve been run over by bulldozers, voters chose to put a condo up
I aint no hippy but, mama Earth’s about to say enough and throw us up

God Dammit this is why this whole planet can’t stand Americans I can’t stand for it
Lets admit it, half this planet’s fat and over weight, take a pill for it
I’m depressed and don’t know why fuck it take a pill for it
Busted inside my girl take a pill in the morning for it
Can’t fall asleep, take a pill for it, now I’m tired, take a pill for it
Oil spill? take a pill for it

Dave Ending:

Move move, dont get aboard
Shits not from around here, its not yours
Spend enough time up here with us
An it’ll bring new meaning to the floor
Get yourself down on the floor
I know that you feel this, finally feel this
Somethin else by yourself inside see the unknown
Welcome to the satellite zone

Danger Zone:

John Verse:

Fear aside, we are heading for the danger zone
Yeah I’m high keep it low like a baritone
Let me go and I will pop like eggo
Keep the beat hard and repeat it like an echo
Yeah I’m way to aggressive to be actin all mellow
Had her clothes on shook em off like jello
Hello, baby, you know I will get you
You’re not what I need but I really wanna tempt you
Now I’m off in a different world
Sharing drinks in a hotel with a different girl
You’re the reason I was so miserable
Had to leave when the love was so minimal
So I roll a one-header
Things are gettin crazier, my eyes are gettin red-er
Thought we’d be togther for the rest of forever but
Now I move on so I can find somebody better

Ryan Chorus:

Don’t come back for me, baby
We had it all but you threw it away
Don’t look back, cuz when you turn around, I’ll be gone

I guess nothing is forever, so here’s my final letter
To let you know, I’ve outgrown you, and I let go…

John Verse:

I don’t know who to listen to
I find myself missing you
But what was I supposed to do
I knew that I was through with you
Sick of all the bullshit
Wasn’t love if we had to force it
Yeah it’s time for me to be alone
Fuck it all yeah I’m headin for the danger zone

Weather’s gettin bad you can bet that I’ma fly south
Turn the speakers up and let the feelin ride out
My memories of you will eventually die out
With all these things I never said because I shut my mouth
Dave: It’s time to give it up, it’s time to live it up
I thought that you woulda came along but we fucked it up
Now I’m better off, because she
Dave: Wanna fuck
I said she
Dave: Wanna fuck
I guess we
Dave: Wanna fuck
You can keep on textin and you can keep on searchin
I hopin you find somebody else and everything is perfect
He’ll be there for the times when you knew that
I woulda been here workin
And I’ll pretend not to feel the pain that I’m enduring
I’ll admit it I’m not really seein other girls
I just put that in the song to make your stomach curl
I can’t believer that a little bit of jealousy
Can break us up when we use to fit perfectly

Through The Hurricane:

Ryan Chorus:

No one said, life would be easy
Good things come through pain
Through the hurricane, In our minds
Good things come with time

Ryan Verse:

Life is a dark hall unknown to all, your gunna bump into walls so walk slow stand tall
And every time you get a little down, want to get out of your town, keep your head up in the clouds
When it rains, on this journey of life, no wrong or right, I just ride like a night into the night
The princess bride waving goodbye, don’t cry baby I told ya, I’m the lone ranger

Try and let go of all this hate that I’ve been saving, and the fakenessI’m portraying I’m growing up an moving on
Warren: (Just let it go)
I’m battling demons, I’ll take them out kicking screaming, I’m down but I’ll be back up in a minute to finish the round

Dave Verse:

Got it stacked up, music not the paper
Throw em both up on the scale
Tell me which one is greater
I could use some good songs
Currently fuck the currency
I’ve seen some bad weather turn pussy
Yeah word to Irene
the name of the stormin normin team, haze
Got you feelin firmiliar in a strange place
I hope youre ready for the reign cus its here
Hold tight to your brain keep movin, no fear
Fear of the unknown
Fear of the shit that you already know
And you dont know nothin’ its only the first episode
Sit tight for a while, maybe then we’ll let you know
About everything, all the tricks
But its all on you i cant promise shit
I could give you advice but that’s it
And when youre almost about to fall
You dont quit cus…

Ryan Outro:

You can run, and you can hide in the eye of the storm
But you must face the darkness and the pain, to see beyond the rain,
To see beyond the hurricane x2

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